we are vida mia

We incorporate Mexican culture into every single meal

Mexican dishes and family reunions go hand in hand in our culture; you can’t have the latter without the former, and this is what we are all about here at Vida Mia.

We strive to offer you a comfortable and lively atmosphere as well as excellent dishes for a chance to reunite the Mexican way.

Vida Mia is the essence of our family memories and traditions; it is our life.

At Vida Mia, memories, traditions and homemade food are our essence. We put our strength into every meal to bring the whole of Mexico; its dishes, mood, traditions and family reunion to your table.

We pride ourselves in doing such because this is the true meaning of Vida Mia (my life).

We grew up doing this, we saw its effect on our family life, and now we are passionate about making sure everyone has a taste of its importance.

With Vida Mia, every meal is a chance to get closer to your family and home even when living in Texas. We are on a mission to make you feel at home in our restaurant with our catering services and event party rooms. Our party rooms are ready to host your next event. It comes with great flexibility and excellent cuisines you can't resist.

Thanks for letting us be a part of you.

- Tu Vida Mia family

Chef Mayela

“Our family has had a long history of serving authentic Mexican food in Monterrey, Mexico, for as long as we can remember.

We have successfully carried on with the family legacy for over 45 years in Monterrey, Mexico and decided to spread our wings to include San Antonio, Texas as our home away from home.”

“Vida Mia was the perfect marriage of generations of two family businesses”

“Both of my parents were into the business of serving people’s needs.

While my mom’s family had a restaurant in the neighborhood, my dad’s family focused on running a catering business capable of serving as many as 1000 guests at once! (lifelong passion for food)”

“I grew up to witness the Mexican tradition of getting the whole family together on a table to enjoy a meal while sharing the happy moments of the day, and laugh at the bad moments.”

“This ritual served to bring the family eagerly together for the next meal not because we were hungry, but because the stories gave us the chance to unite as a family and listen to great stories again. We found comfort in food, family and laughter.”

“My love of food didn’t stop as a child. I went on to attend the Instituto Culinario de Mexico as well as the Escuela Superior de hostelería de Sevilla to learn as much as I could about food and hospitality.

Now, I’m over 15 years of professional experience and a lifetime of family memories.”

“I hope to bring a piece of my home to your next dining experience.”